Extension Within a Walled Garden.

Walled Garden External Visual

External material study for Stage 4 presentation.


Brighton at Free Range

A selection of graduates from the Brighton Interior Architecture course [where Stephen has been teaching] are exhibiting at Free Range on 14th, 15th and 16th July. Check it out!

Brighton 1

Brighton 1Brighton 1Brighton 1Brighton 1


Rooflight & Drying Plaster

Site visit for A Loft with Arches - enjoying the dappled light on drying plaster in the double height hall.

Fred RL
Fred RLFred RL


Stephen's Year of Teaching in Brighton

For the past 9 months, Stephen has been teaching a design studio with Gem Barton at the University of Brighton on the Interior Architecture course. Open Sesame was the name of the studio and the brief focused on designing around intangible connections to spaces and places.

The 3rd year students recently exhibited their work at the university graduate show. The exhibition was curated in collaboration with the School of Architecture and comprised 42[!] bespoke A1 plan chests, each made especially for the event. Each chest contained 8 drawers and the graduating students were given 1 drawer to curate and present their work.

Below is a selection of student's drawers.

Julie Tysseire

Brighton 6

Katerina Mouyiassi

Brighton 1

Elliot Marshall

Brighton 2

Ines Koh

Brighton 3

Ben Merry

Brighton 4


We Had A Party

A massive thanks to all that came to our 4th birthday party at Redchurch Brewery. We hope you all had a great night... For those that couldn't make it, here's what you missed...

Photos by Yiannis Katsaris.

Party 1

party 2party 3part 4party 4party 6party 6party 8party 9party 10party 12


Four Fireplaces From 'A House With A Slide'

Enjoy four fireplaces from one of our projects, which is currently on site. The contrast between the rough brickwork texture, the lapsed composition and the sharp overall edges of the chimney breast is somehow attractive. 

Journal 170401 Fireplace 01Journal 170401 Fireplace 03 Journal 170401 Fireplace 02Journal 170401 Fireplace 04


Our New Site Opens

We're very excited to announce that for the last 9 months we've been working with Polimekanos to rework our brand, visual identity and website.

A central and early design move was the hunt for a typeface. Polimekanos found Joanna, a little used typeface these days, designed by the infamous Eric Gill in about 1930. Joanna, named after Gill's daughter, is a slab serif, with angular details on the edges of the upper and lower cases, and very legible in both headings and body text. The highest profile use of Joanna in print we can find is in the Penguin Modern Classics books of the 1960s. We think this typeface holds all the oddities, opportunities and the open-endedness we'd like to bring to our clients and projects.  We hope you like the new image as much as we do.

Journal 170410 Brand Bag

Journal 170410 Penguin Book Joanna


Podcast Interview with Business of Architecture

Podcast interview by Rion Willard with Seán, on the subjects of business and architecture. 

Published on businessofarchitecture.com and itunes

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Interior Study for “A House With A Slide”

House With A Slide - Interior Perspective L

Looking up towards the kitchen window from the double height space at basement level this drawing imagines how the surfaces of brickwork, plywood, parquet and reclaimed floorboards will be brought together and be animated by natural light from above. 

This commission by the office celebrates a space we are extremely excited about and is helping the client, ourselves and the contractor to make clearer judgements about its qualities / to better craft its ongoing creation. 

Look out for a photographic study of the space under construction coming soon!


In the Hackney Citizen

Advert page portrait

Toby holding advert

We're proud to be advertising in the excellent Hackney Citizen - the borough's free monthly newspaper. Get your copy!


Considering a House Extension?

We've written this handy article outlining some of the reasons why you might be better off improving your home, over moving home...


End of Terrace Extension

Plan study of the spatial progression towards the garden and study of external materials. 

Garden Room Plan

Garden Room Materials 3 Options


House with a Slide Completion

We are over the moon to announce that our wonderful clients have moved in to their House with a Slide. A truly unique family home. A beautiful bespoke house for life.

S_S_Groombridge Road_CGP-04.jpg

Plan study of the finishes and windows at Ground and Basement level


Sectional through double height space showing slide and brick patchwork


Selected photos below - please see the project page for more :-) 

S_S_Groombridge Road_CGP-12.jpg

S_S_Groombridge Road_CGP-11.jpg

S_S_Groombridge Road_CGP-06.jpg

S_S_Groombridge Road_CGP-01.jpg


A Collection of Workshops Completion

As part of the Blackhorse workshop in Walthamstow, we inserted a series of containers into the yard to provide a series of studio spaces for artists and makers, bringing the unused yard to life!





Planning Approval for A Slanted Extension

Planning Approval for A Slanted Extension32


House with a slide in the Evening Standard

See our project 'House with a slide' featured in the Evening Standard!  

See it here!



Ruby Stables in DIASPORA exhibition

Our Ruby Stables project is part of an exhibition of drawings by migrants to Scottish Architecture Schools

See it here!



A House with a Concrete Extension

Construction is in full swing on the House with a Concrete Extension in North London. 

Aberdeen WallAberdeen Road 1_Sitework


A House for Two Artists

Hand-drawn visuals for a house of two artists. A refurbishment proposal to introduce a more open living and allow the free flow of movement on the ground floor.



Coffee Break

Taking part in the quality control with Perky Blenders coffee roasters. We are getting to know the processes involved in running a coffee shop. This will form the body of our new project in Finchley.

I'm told we will be quality controlling the pastries next....



Practice Manager

Sean and Stephen is looking for a skilled practice manager to join its ambitious and progressive team in East London. We are interested in the question: what is a 21st Century architectural practice? We’re about to start a new adventurous chapter for the business, bringing with it a refined vision for future growth.

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We've been featured in Houzz

Exciting news about our project A House with a Courtyard. Our project for a Victorian terraced house with a rear extension for an art-loving couple has been featured in an article on Houzz.

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